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Malbas Invitational is played according to the rules and guidelines described in this document. In other respects, FIBA's official competition regulations and rules apply.


The tournament is played in the following age group for girls and boys:

  • U16 - Born 2007 or later

The team/club must be registered in the national basketball association of their country. The players in the team/club must be members of the association.

Each team may line up with a maximum of 12 players in each game. There can be different players in different games.

No exemption is approved for overaged players.

All players must register no later than 2 weeks before the start of the tournament.


Group games. 

The teams are divided into groups where everyone plays against each other in single series. The order between the teams is decided by points. Victory gives 2 points, loss gives 0 points. If two or more teams have the same score, the order is determined as follows:

1) The result of games between the teams that are tied.

2)  Point difference in games between the teams that are tied.

3) The team that has scored the most points in games between the teams that are tied.


The top two teams in the group will proceed to the A-finals (competing for 1-4th place in the tournament). The other teams in the group will proceed to the B-finals (competing for 5-8th place).


A game MVP from one of the two competing teams will be announced after every game in the group and in the playoffs.

A tournament MVP will be selected for each category and 5 players will be selected and joined in an All-Star Team. They will be announced at the prize ceremony when the tournament is concluded.


The games in Malbas Basketball Invitational are played with the following ball sizes:

  • Boys U16 play with size 7

  • Girls U16 play with size 6


Malbas Basketball Invitational reserves the right to change the game program both in terms of group division, times and venues.


All player suits must be numbered.

The numbering must be on the back of the player's shirt. Two players on the same team may not have the same number on the shirt during the same game.

If two teams have the same suit color, the team that is the away team according to the program will change. In case of mutual agreement, the home team can change color.

Each team must bring 2 different colored game suits.


All games are played 4 × 10 minutes. The break at halftime is 5 minutes.

Each team is entitled to 1 time-out per half (2 periods). Time-outs can not be saved for the next half and is considered used up when the half is finished playing.

If the game is tied at full time, the game will go to overtime consisting of 1 x 3 minutes. The team foul at the end of full time will carry to overtime. The break between full time and overtime is 2 minutes. If the game goes to overtime, both teams receive one additional time-out.

During single series games, the referee will keep count of the 24 second rule. During playoffs a 24 second clock will be used.


All forms of defense are allowed for U16. 



1.1 Any protests shall be submitted in writing to the respective hall manager no later than 15 minutes after the end of the match, at the same time as a protest fee of 50 EUR is paid (the fee is refunded if the protest is approved). The protest is being processed by the competition jury, whose verdict cannot be appealed.

1.2 Disqualifications and warnings

  • Disqualified player is automatically suspended for the next match. The suspension applies even if the next match is included in the playoffs. PLEASE NOTE: that it is the TEAM's responsibility that suspended players do NOT play. 

  • The team will automatically be disqualified if a suspended player is allowed to play. The competition jury can also decide on suspension in further game/s in the event of a serious expulsion. 

  • Serious offenses can be reported to the relevant district association in Sweden and regarding foreign laws to the relevant national association.

NOTE! Players who participate in a game when he/she is actually suspended are considered unauthorized and thus the team loses the game by 0-20.


2.1 It is important that all teams are in time for the each game. The team roster has to be filled in and presented to the game secretariat, no later than 20 minutes before the start of the game.

2.2 Teams that are late will be called for as soon as possible, so it is very important that the correct contact number is registered in the registration for the tournament.

2.3 Teams that have not appeared 15 minutes after the start of the game are considered absent. Teams that are absent from a game will lose the game by 0-20 unless there are special circumstances for them being late.

2.4 In the event of repeated absences, teams can be excluded from the tournament. The competition jury may, however, decide that teams shall be excluded already at the first occurrence if special circumstances exist, e.g. that a deliberate WO benefits one's own team or disadvantages another team in the group.

2.5 For teams that are completely absent from the game, a WO fee of 100 EUR  is paid - this fee is invoiced at the end of the tournament. If there are special reasons that prevent the team from playing, these reasons must be submitted to the competition office, which will make a decision on the matter.

2.6 If a game is interrupted and cannot be finished, the competition jury decides whether the game should be replayed from the start or continued from the time the game was interrupted or whether the result of the game should be determined or if one or both teams lose the game.


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